Powering complete
energy independence.

Powering complete
energy independence.

MyH2Link® is an innovative software solution using machine learning and a personalized algorithm to optimize your energy usage.

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What makes MyH2Link® unique?

MyH2Link® can handle a huge amount of calculations.

In a state like California, there are hundreds of service rates for utility companies. The average home and business owner will not be able to program their own inverter to account for the price fluctuations. Some homeowners won't bother, and inverters have a limited number of time slots for programming.

The engineers at BWR Innovations have been able to develop the ability to switch between grid and alternative power sources with precision - giving you control over cost and usage.

We handle the heavy lifting and calculations.

MyH2Link handles all of the heavy computation of utility rates and offers an autonomous control scheme. By default, the cloud-based system can craft all settings and use machine learning to continually improve algorithms, reliability, and savings. The homeowner or business operator can override the settings at any time if they wish.

Reducing demand charges.

Demand charges affect large consumers of electricity and can account for up to 70% of a customer's bill. We can help reduce this by shifting you away from traditional grid power during peak periods (peak shaving) and onto alternative energy sources (hydrogen fuel cells).

The "brain" of the Oncore Energy system.

MyH2Link is the brains behind the Oncore Energy microgrid system. This system is hydrogen-powered and completely independent.

Our system will automatically make decisions based on the cheapest energy option, availability, and current rates. The user can also select the parameters in which to operate. Our system will keep learning over time and will help you be more grid independent and save money on energy costs.

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